Riff Company Rodent Pedal
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Riff Company Rodent Pedal

Shipping in early January 2024.

Only 20 available!

The Riff Company Rodent is what you think it is. It's a clone of a clone and then redressed by us. Clone of a clone? Well, yes. It's a JOYO JF-21 Splinter, which is a value-first clone of the legendary ProCo FAT RAT. Don't be fooled though - this pedal is a riff machine that can provide your rig with a wall of fuzz, glass shards of distortion or somewhere in between. We're designers and riff lovers - not electrical engineers. We've not touched the internals of the JF-21, we've taken it down just enough to cover the casing with Brownells Aluma-Hyde II in Parkerized Grey - a very durable custom firearms finishing - then dressed with our logo, and hand numbered.* We'll even include the original JOYO packaging and manuals so you'll know how to make this thing run.

Specs? You want specs?
  • The Rodent features a sought-after classic "fuzztortion". An interesting combination of fuzz and distortion. Runs on 9V power supply, (not included)
  • Three knob design: DISTORTION, FILTER and VOLUME, also, you can select STOCK or MOSFET clipping circuits. Select FAT for a nice thick tone.
  • Allows users to easily change between the stock OP07DP and other popular chips.
  • Metal aluminum alloy case, high quality precision components, three knobs.

*Finished product will look very close to the image you see here, but small variances may occur.

$ 99.99 USD
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