Album Review: Megadeth - Dystopia

You could say a lot about Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, (just ask him), but the man can play a guitar. Not only can he play, he always somehow finds a way to bring other exceptional axemen through the revolving Mega-door. In 2016 those magical fingers belonged to Kiko Loureiro. With 12 guitar strings accounted for, the Megadeth machine released their finest work in years with "Dystopia".

A tour de force of metal musical prowess, Megadeth's fifteenth studio album also featured bassist David Ellefson (his last) and former Lamb of God skinsman Chris Adler (his first and last).

Progressive, fast and focused, "Dystopia" is a riff and lead clinic from Mustaine and Loureiro, with neither rhythm nor solos robbing from each other.

Anchored by the title track "Dystopia" - which garnered Megadeth its first Grammy win - the album includes the hammering opener "The Threat is Real", thrashy throwback "Fatal Illusion", and the angry "Post American World".

Megadeth, at their best, don't stray too far from their original formula. Themes about mass destruction and political subterfuge, scratchy yet metallic riffs, and Mustaine's snarly delivery. In this case, "Dystopia" delivers.


1. “The Threat Is Real”

2. “Dystopia”

3. “Fatal Illusion”

4. “Death From Within”

5. “Bullet to the Brain”

6. “Post American World”

7. “Poisonous Shadows”

8. “Conquer or Die”

9. “Lying in State”

10. “The Emperor”

11. “Last Dying Wish”

12. “Foreign Policy”

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